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Irrespective of re-fitting an existing bathroom to incorporate 21st century styles, or adding a brand new washroom in an extension, planning and designing the right bathroom where everyone can wash and go in a hurry as well as enjoy spa-style pampering can be a challenge for every home-owner. A bathroom is a practical space that is used frequently. Family bathrooms tend to have multiple users, while en suite bathrooms are often used by couples or solo occupants. Along with coping with the traffic of all the users, it is of utmost importance that the space stays hygienic and should have the capability to deal with splashed and humidity without becoming slippery underfoot or looking worn-out. However, while it is mostly thought of as a functional space only, these days, homeowners tend to design a bathroom to be time-out areas that are as elegant and chic as their favourite spa.

Essential steps needed for a modern bathroom interior design

Essentially, the first step is to know how much space you have to work with when designing a fully functional yet comfortable bathroom. Even a very small bathroom can be turned into a calming and practical space with some thorough planning. For maximum space efficiency, a standard bath that sits against the wall is a neat solution. However, it needn’t be the only option. A freestanding bath can make the space look like a luxury bathroom design with the availability of both contemporary baths and period style freestanding baths. For a full-on luxury bathroom design, opt for a spa bath that is fitted with jets intended to massage you in water.

Adding a touch of luxury to your home can always start with your bathroom. A posh and magnificent bathroom, all to yourself or with your better half, can be soothing after a long day. Bask in the glory and indulge yourself in luxury bathroom designs that will set your house apart from the rest. Be it a renovation or building fresh with a luxury bathroom design, inspiration and preferences can be combined with personal taste to incorporate innovative ideas and designs. Fun and whimsical, a rain shower can take you back to those days of childhood fun while luxuriating in a warm bath. A tub and a shower are common features of any bathroom space. However, putting them together will elevate your bath experience. For example, a wood-themed tub can give a minimalistic look but brings a fascinating feature through texture and warm colours.

Marble is a top element for a luxury bathroom design, for both classic and modern interiors. With amazing bathroom features highlighted by gorgeous white marble floors that complement white walls, the lighting of a bathroom space can be elevated with huge mirrors and gold accents. Soak in your favourite bath while enjoying stunning views from your very own bay window bath. For example, a rustic bath includes a vintage chandelier, marble floors and distressed wood columns could transform the ambience of the space. Nevertheless, there are infinite options when it comes to revamping your bathroom to today’s innovative technology and designs. Elevate a drab and generic look of modern bathroom interior design with elegant fittings. With copper fittings, the expensive sheer gives the space a much-needed sparkle to any minimalist bathroom.

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