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Luxury Wardrobe Interior Design

A wardrobe is one of the most utilized spaces in a home and plays a fundamental storage role. While designing a wardrobe, the user’s lifestyle and personality play a vital part as well. As time passed, our preferences and lifestyles have also changed accordingly. In fact, in today’s world of interior design, bedrooms aren’t the only places in a home for which wardrobes are customized and designed. Hence, it is essential to keep the specifics, functionality, trends, and much more, in mind while purchasing or designing a luxury wardrobe for your own space.

Types of wardrobe

Wardrobes often come with two door styles – hinged and sliding as per space and the wardrobe interior designs preferred by a homeowner. A sliding door is apt when the bedroom space is restricted as it offers more walking space and ensures space for other components in the room. On the other hand, swing doors are perfect for bedrooms with larger spaces. Apart from these obvious reasons, some prefer swing-open doors as they are more traditionally comfortable and allows them a quick glance at their whole wardrobe. However, partitions and sections inside a wardrobe are purely an individual’s choice. Sections are commonly created based on one’s requirements and comfort. For example, most people prefer fewer top sections in a wardrobe as they are difficult to access them on a daily basis.

Color and material used for wardrobes

Another essential aspect of wardrobe interior designs is the material and colour of the wardrobe. While they add a ton of vibrancy to space, well-styled luxury wardrobes can help elevate the ambience of a simple room. You may opt for contrasting colours with a contemporary design to create a striking impression, or you could even go for options that match other components in the room. Popular choices for wardrobes, in general, comprise of solid wood, laminates, veneers, particle boards, and much more. While laminates offer a wide range of colour options to choose from, solid wood is habitually preferred by most in order to incorporate a woody element in a certain space.

Beautiful bespoke wardrobes can be designed and created for luxury residential spaces and properties. From concept to installation, wardrobe interior design experts and craftsmen take the effort to bestow a personable approach while curating a luxury wardrobe for space. From bedroom design inspirations right through to implementation, these experts are dedicated to delivering a superb service, in a constant battle to set the benchmark for premium quality fitted bedroom furniture. By combining unrivaled service with extraordinary designs and traditional craftsmanship, every wardrobe is now an essential element while considering the interior designs of a certain space. Every wardrobe is thoughtfully tailored and the wardrobe interior designs are structured to reflect the lifestyle and storage requirements of the user.

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