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Luxury Wooden Door Design

It has become an essential part to create a sense of natural touch to one’s interior design. To attain this, one of the most used design is the inclusion of wooden work into the area. With our various wooden door designs, this is the first step to ensure that your surrounding area has its elegance and classic feel to it. When selecting what type of material for doors to your home, currently there is a wide range of materials that come in place. But the most used design that people opt for is wood.

With over many wooden door designs out there, our team ensures to create a design that is itself a reflection of one’s personality. Hence with us you can trust to help you create in a luxury wooden door designs that fit perfectly well into your household and still provide the essence of natural beauty.

Glass Partition

Taking into consideration the current trend, people now opt for choices that make their surroundings and living spaces calm and serene. Decoraire UAE works with various artists to create glasswork designs that are customized to the clients' preference.

Glass partitions are the right choice If you want your room to have an airy work environment. It helps in creating an atmosphere that gives you the illusion that you are confined to a large space and you have control over the entire surrounding area. However, glass partitions also give you the privacy that one desires. Our main aim is to visualize the customer dream design and to bring it to life. Glass Partitions are mainly composed of high-quality glass equipped with premium-grade aluminum frames and the necessary hardware mounting that is required to keep them in place. We assure you that our work for the glass partitions are designed and structured with high quality tempered glass that gives you the assurity it will not be damaged quickly.

Glass Partitions is now one of the most used designs in workspaces that gives them the opportunity to blend with their surrounding area. When confined in a working environment, it is essential to give the workers a sense of serenity. With glass partitions, it lights up one's environments and gives them the sense of receptiveness, utmost silence and the ability to work in a calm environment.

Another area where glass partitions comes very handy is in the household areas. If a room that needs to be divided is constructed via a hard-mounted wall, it gives the illusion in being confined to small areas. With our various customized and contemporary designs, through glass partitions, it enables to provide the customer a sense of larger space that is only being divided by the glass walls and with the transparency of light passing through, it gives you the illusion that the room is still intact as a large space.

We at Decoraire ensure to provide to our customers high quality, modernized, and custom-made wooden door designs that will light up your surrounding area and be in par with your dream design being transformed into reality.

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