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Marble often represented large, enclosed rooms with marble squares running all the way from the ceiling to the floor with complete marble interior design and more often with ornate sculptures as decor along the way. However, marble made an incredible comeback in the world of interior design. The luxury factor bought in by the combination of misty veined marble and rich wood accents are undeniable. When natural materials are teamed together, they bring a modern apartment interior to life. Moreover, it may be paired and incorporated in a myriad of ways. Nevertheless, the key to keeping the designs and interiors fresh is by using it in small doses through accents and statement pieces.

Characteristics of marble

Being an element of marvel, marble is a timeless beauty, easy to clean and lasts forever, especially when used as flooring. Additionally, exquisite marble floor designs are available in various attractive patterns and finishes. For example, a living room could be given a subtle yet plush vibe with natural dark-coloured borders on an off-white marble floor design. Accordingly, the deep borders would set off an ottoman and the couch upholstered in a fabric of the same colour. On the other handle, marble is an incredible addition to dining areas. In a concept home, the dining chairs and table are framed beautifully in a way to set the room apart from the rest of the house. Luxury carpet tiles and Marble floor designs are versatile and easy to pair with transitional and modern dining sets.

Another innovative and budget-friendly idea to set your luxury living room apart from the norm is the incorporation of updated luxury tiles for living room or parquet flooring. With new shapes, larger-format home interior tiles design and linear planks, the shapes and sizes of tiles in the modern design world go way beyond the classic square style and offer you the opportunity to create exciting patterns and to add a contemporary flair. For example, by simply combining a chevron and honeycomb pattern, bring in the drama to high-end flooring design. On the other hand, the mixing of tiles of multiple sizes on the floor as well as the accent walls within your living room for an extended artistic and handcrafts appearance.

Artistic creations need not always be confined to your walls. When it comes to designing your house, the number of ways to infuse beauty and design within your personal space is endless. From elegant light fixtures to contemporary custom made furniture, each piece of your vision, including your floors, can be accented with an artsy essence. Opting for beautiful and inspiring floor tile designs to recreate your kitchen, or incorporating into a luxury bathroom design or foyer can bring in more magic to your space. Be it a classic grid pattern or an edgy statement under your feet, the right floor tile design could be game-changer in your very own space.

Definition of elegance

For the home interior tiles design the definition of luxury style is never constant but ever-changing. Therefore, while designing a living room, it is important to aim for understated elegance rather than creating a flashy statement. Hence, while selecting flooring designs and materials, sticking to natural stone and other rich materials can help elevate the ambience of your space.

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