Decoraire is a full-service interior solution. We offer complete interior solution along with procurement of furnishings and fittings and high-end fit-out services which transforms your existing area into a relaxing bespoke space. The foundation of Decoraire is built on extensive research and selective procurement to accomplish luxury and innovative solutions creating inspiring and welcoming designs.

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Truly bespoke products based

on your requirements, crafted by

master craftsmen from Europe.

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Our supply chain takes

exclusive care of your orders

with delivery across the world.

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We offer a wide range of

comfortable luxury furniture

and lighting solutions

completely based on your



Furniture and fittings are the basics of space planning. Decoraire has the expertise in identifying, selecting, procuring and delivering the right products to achieve the perfect interior design aesthetics. The team is specialized in visualizing the requirement and implementing the complete plan for your design ideas.

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Our expert team of craftsmen understand your requirements and propose ideas to transform your dreams into reality.

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The team helps you take the correct path and choose the right design for your luxury furniture.

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We offer all kinds of furniture made in Europe, customised for your needs.

Your ideas and aspirations are given a proper outline by our experts. Furniture layout plans are made in consultation with you, based on your requirements. The design plan thus puts your aspirations onto paper, before they turn into reality.

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After understanding your requirements and the styles desired, we offer best solution ,the best concept through technical drawings which fits for each type of space.

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In this phase, we study the material combinations and correct locations of each furniture piece which gives the right aesthetics to a perfect interior.

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Once all the details are drawn according to your desire and requirements, our expert team processes the plan into production.


Bespoke Solutions

Our highly experienced designers based in Europe which aims to create unique spaces with a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The team adds value to your aspirations with technical expertise, artistic flair, a masterful approach to colour texture, composition and contrast.



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We choose the best partners to collect, ship and deliver your products in the perfect condition.

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Our team of experts are ready to assemble and install your products – be it a small or a big project.

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We are proud to deliver your dream project on scheduled time, every time!

We provide best-in-class delivery of our products right at your doorstep with expert supervision to ensure exclusive care of your dream products. Our supply chain experts are very capable of handling your luxury products and guarantee timely delivery and installation. We offer competitive prices which are well within budget – a plus point for anyone.

A good lighting transforms the look of a space. Projecting the perfect lighting makes your interior space stand-out as you achieve the perfect visual stimulation. Our experts are specialized in visualizing your expectations and helping you select and achieve the perfect lighting for a beautiful interior space.


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We help you select the perfect lighting products from a wide range of options. The most suitable products that matches your design aspirations go for a trial.

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Once the products are selected, some products require night-time viewing at the site.

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Once rendering is approved, our experts help you select the perfect products and understand your quantity requirements.

Our experts help you select from a wide range of lighting products to match your design aspirations before they are sent for a real-time rendering.

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Our experts help you get that the best rates for the top-quality lighting products and services delivered.

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Once everything is finalized – from products to quantity, we help you place the order from the respective manufacturers.

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Get your dream lighting products delivered to your project site in full supervision of our experts.



After you select the products, you sit back as our experts help you place the order and take care of safe and timely delivery of your dream products.