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At Decoraire, we happen to be the trendsetters when it comes to interior designs and luxury furniture. Our home interior design projects in different cities across the world along with the numerous commercial sites that we have helped with architectural and interior design projects prove how we stand apart from the rest. The dedicated and extremely talented team of specialist designers, who work for us, adds lavish, comfortable, and outstanding pieces of furniture on a regular basis. Though the extravagant diversity in furniture pieces and our unique collection of accessories collection will beckon to your heart, you must not overlook the simplicity that the pieces of furniture in display exhibit. All the products in our collection are truly bespoke pieces that are hand-crafted by master artisans from Italy.

Nevertheless, over the years of experience that we have garnered has shaped our products and polished our selections when it comes to choosing pieces of furniture from Italy. With regards to design and innovation, it is no surprise that Italy is the at the pinnacle as they ensure the top choices in interior styles such as contemporary, modern, or classic; a tedious task that would not be possible without working in the sector over the years as much as Decoraire has. With the intricate technical complexity that has backed our services over the ages have helped us strategically evolve with workable solutions with ease for our valuable clientele.

Our supply chain comprises of orders management, material delivery to any corner in the United Arab Emirates, site supervision to ensure the proper functioning of each product and timely delivery of the finished space, along with the proper installation of every product. Decoraire handles projects with utmost care and concern and delivers the finished projects with the Decoraire signature that is sure to stand apart from any firm that offers the same services in the region. At the end of the day, Decoraire functions by securing the extreme satisfaction of every client; which is reflected in each step of the lifecycle of every project that is overtaken by Decoraire.

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