Blake Console

Original 180 cm rear-sided console, also available in rectangular versions or in the L-shaped model, with oak top or matt or polished marble.

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Blake is an original 180 cm rear-shaped console,also available in the smallest rectangular versions of 150 and 130 cm or in the shaped model in the shape of L. Proposta in an exclusive selection of finishes, among which the Termocotto Oak and six decorative marbles stand out, belongs to a modern collection of living room accessories created by the designer Adriano Castiglioni to complete the look of the eponymous upholstery.
The result of a deep formal research, Blake sports a metallic structure of great decorative impact, consisting of two double-cusp legs joined by a central bracket. The base supports a plane with generous dimensions, declined both in the classic rectangle model and in the new shaped version. The particular L-shape of the top offers a furnishing solution as original as it is functional, since it allows you to place the console behind the sofa and thus take advantage of a practical support floor.
Versatile in form, Blake is also versatile in aesthetic rendering. The metal structure is available in Nickel Nero, Bronzo Spazzolato or Manganese, while the top is proposed in wood, lacquered finish or precious mottled marble. The combination of colors and materials allows you to configure a living room console of considerable charm, easily inserted in sophisticated residential contexts.
Models and Sizes
– rectangular console: cm 180 p.45 / 150 p.45 / 130
p.45 h.48 – shaped console: cm 150 p.77 / 45 h.48