High power LED floodlight with best in class optic for control of obstrusive light for sports and area lighting applications

  • Compact asymmetric floodlight, incorporating the flat glass concept and integrated visor for total control of glare and obstrusive light (0 cd at 90°)
  • Maximum optical efficiency and flexibility with minimum light spill. 3 accurate light distributions with 2 different visor finishes for Lambertian or specular reflectance.
  • BEST-IN-CLASS LIGHT QUALITY to provide top-quality illumination for sports and area lighting. The luminaire scores 90+ on the TLCI
  • Superior performance thanks to a compact driver installed in every condition (back of the luminaire up to 200 m remotely), providing the highest performance for all installations, no matter if it is a first tier stadium, a recreational field or an area.
  • Fully controllable solution via DALI or RDMDMX enabling instant lighting, stepped illumination levels and event lighting with dynamic lighting scenarios

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