Anti-vandal luminaires that withstand highly forceful impact while nevertheless operating reliably.

  • Antiligature shape. In the case of Durolight, this means: 1.- Round corners (no sharp edges); 2.- Difficult access to the interior of the fitting; 3.- Tight space between fitting case and wall
  • Highest IK rating: IK10 – 170Joules. Even during and after an act of vandalism, the light must not switch off but illuminate the area reliably
  • Special Snake-Eye screws, a favourite of architects & designers in view of their aesthetic appearance. They provide a simple way to deter thieves and vandals and offer a practical solution to the problem of unauthorised relocation of items
  • Gear tray replaceability: Rather than a contractor changing/replacing the whole fitting, here is an option to replace just the gear tray and leave the fitting installed, therefore saving valuable time

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