Planus, a natural extension of the Pavilion system, is an autonomous program characterized by swing doors perfectly integrated with masonry.

Planus uno, thanks to the combination of telescopic jamb and aluminum wire cover this, swing door can be easily mounted on the traditional false wooden frame, without having to make masonry works.

Its richness is given by the wide range of materials and finishes that respond to the most diverse tastes, but always through the finesse and elegance of its image.

The project is part of an organic set of programs: Pavilion, Planus, Pavilion+Planus and Continuum. Born from the creativity of Antonio Citterio, these proposals are characterized by a strong personality, an essential taste and a choice of cutting-edge materials and technological solutions.

The various programs are also able to dialogue with each other, offering a wide range of both aesthetic and technical-performance solutions.

Technicals, 19 42 mm thick swing door, in crystal or tambourine, with aluminum profiles and tempered or laminated safety glass of 6 mm. Square section bar. Extendable aluminum jambs from 85 to 125 mm., aluminum wire covers, plastic gasket, patented hinges, mechanical lock with predisposition for handle only, privacy notary or cylinder with key.

Finishes available per panel Matt Polyurethane Lacqueck: our range and colors Ral

Lacqueck Gloss Polyester: colors our range and colors

Ral Essence Sculpture: finishes our

range Essence: finishes

our range Wood Fossil: finishes

our range Laminate: finishes our range Crystals: finishes our range

Leather: finishes our range Raw bottom hand

Finishes available for jamb profiles Jambs: Natural anodized

aluminum Wire cover: Natural anodized aluminum, White Lacquered, Black Lacquered

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