Profile, New Year Console

Modern entrance or living room console with Canaletto walnut drawers or RAL colors, metal legs and matching decorative handles. It exists in high and low models.

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Profile is a modern entrance console with Canaletto Walnut drawers, cross-legged structure in Black Chrome or Brushed Bronze metal and coordinated decorative handles. Designed by Giuseppe Manzoni for Bodema, it belongs to an exclusive collection of contained furnishings in which design and functionality live in total harmony.
Craftsmanship and excellent raw materials contribute to shaping an extremely elegant console cabinet, where every detail is the result of careful formal research. The authentic Brianzole cabinetmaking tradition is found in the particular processing of wood, whose materiality is enhanced by stylistic notes such as the 45° cut of the cushioned closure drawers and the application of precious decorative handles. The handles show the same finish as the bearing structure, represented by two centrally intersected bracket bases. The assembly of the parts takes place by interlocking to avoid the presence of visible mounting screws or welds.
Fixed in shape, profile console is not in appearance. Elegant and sophisticated in walnut color, it takes on a particularly current look if customized in RAL colors. White, black, gray or dove lacquered, it will find full completion as a wall console at the entrance of an informal – but sophisticated – residential environment. The reduced length of the top, which with its 135 cm makes Profile the smallest console in the entire collection, also suggests the placement in living rooms, living rooms, lounges or dining rooms with low volumes, both in the low console model and in the high variant.
Models and Sizes
– high console: cm 135 p.48, h.82
– low console: cm 135 p.48, h.50