Via Nolfi

Based on its 80 cm high casing module with 8 cm plinth it represents the mother of all kitchens since it is the Officina Fanesi version of the kitchen with groove.

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The bases, on the ground and suspended, are in 60 cm height and are all proposed in double depth (56 or 65 cm at the side) to allow housing of bulky appliances.

The wall units are proposed both open and closed, or with a showcase door, with hinged or tilting openings, and vary considerably in height, starting from 36 cm and proposed in 48,60,72,96,120 cm for containing vertical developments so loved in recent interior architecture.

The columns, designed to align with the wall units, are both used in the pantry and are equipped with opening mechanisms to increase their usability and contain various appliances. They are proposed in the heights: 206 cm and 218 cm to which the 8 cm plinth must be added. However, the possibility of superimposing specific elements (above the column) to reach the heights required by the designer and align with the chosen wall units, up to a maximum of 264 cm also with a single door, is wide.